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Competitive deals on high quality cannabis are even better, with taxes included in the price.

Our massive “Bud Bar” display is designed to let you interact with our flowers to see and smell the buds to help you choose your favorite strains.  Get what is right for you by using all your senses and get the terpene profiles that you like best. With our guidance, if you like, we can help you find the strains that works best for you by the sense of smell. “The nose knows, you know?”

Check out our House brand “CDXX Black Label” Our small batch, locally grown exotic top quality flowers at very affordable prices, a local SF Bayview equity brand cultivated collaboration.

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Cannabis Product Catagories

Cannabis comes in many forms including the dried flower and hash; edibles, tinctures and topicals, oils, pills, sodas, lozenges, inhalers, sprays, and more. We carry a wide range of products to provide medicinal, health, and wellness benefits along with recreational enjoyment.